FAQ: Ovie Smarterware: The First Connected Food Storage System
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Can I use Ovie Smarterware without a smart home speaker?

Yes! All you have to do is select that you don’t have a smart home speaker at set up, and then, when you press the button on the SmartTag, we’ll prompt you to type what you’re saving from the app. We think the small investment in Alexa or Google Home will make the experience so much better though!

Last updated: May 22, 2018 05:30

What smart home speakers does Ovie work with?

Our prototype works with Amazon Echo, but our plan is to launch with Google Home as well. We’ll be sure to keep you updated on our progress and if any other systems are added during production.

Last updated: May 22, 2018 05:30

What is the battery life?

Our current projections are 12-18 months.

Last updated: May 22, 2018 05:30

How do I replace the battery?

We’ll have a replacement program. We’ll notify you that your SmartTag’s battery is failing, and we’ll send you a new SmartTag at a discounted rate. Then you return the old one to us in a provided postage-paid envelope. We think this is the easiest for you to be able to keep tagging without interruption. We’ll recycle the batteries to reduce waste, and when our tech gets even cooler via updates you’ll get updated, too!

Last updated: May 22, 2018 05:30

How does Ovie know how long something lasts?

We have a database of typical food spoilage times that will get bigger and more robust every day. We’ll pull the dates from that database. If the food you input isn’t recognized for some reason, we’ll default to 3 days. But you can go into the app and update the duration. After you do that, we’ll add that to your set of items and you won’t have to manually update it again.

Last updated: May 22, 2018 05:30

Can I change how long Ovie is tracking something?

Absolutely - see above. Simply go into the app and adjust the duration for that food item. We’ll remember your preference moving forward.

Last updated: May 22, 2018 05:30

What size is the container?

The container is 6 cups.

Last updated: May 22, 2018 05:30

Are you making other container sizes?

Right now, no. But we are thinking about that as a stretch goal. Any changes to the container size means another tool, and if it changes the lid size that’s two more tools!

Last updated: May 22, 2018 05:30

What material is the container made of?

The container will be BPA-free durable Tritan plastic.

Last updated: May 22, 2018 05:30

Which countries do you ship to?

Currently we are only shipping to the United States or Canada.

Last updated: August 08, 2018 11:49

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For the most up-to-date information about the status of our project, check our project updates on Kickstarter!
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